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Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education

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The Minnesota Alliance for Nursing Education (MANE) is an alliance of Universities and Community Colleges brought together to increase access to a high quality baccalaureate degree for nursing students in Minnesota. MANE is not an RN to BSN program, but rather a comprehensive four year curriculum designed to address Minnesota's growing demand for baccalaureate educated nurses in the workforce. RN Licensure is not required to complete the MANE degree program. The curriculum is spiraled; building upon concepts throughout the entire degree program plan.

Students may apply and be accepted to MANE either directly to the university or through dual admission with a community college and the university. Through dual admission, MANE enables students to remain at their community college home campus throughout the 6 semesters of the curriculum and attainment of the baccalaureate degree, allowing ease of access to education in their geographic home community.

As a university-level partner with MANE, Metropolitan State is key in completing the comprehensive four-year curriculum, providing access to upper-division educational resources and instruction.

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