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Academic advising

Academic advising is central to Metropolitan State University's teaching and learning mission and to the academic success of our diverse student body.

Professional academic advisors and faculty advisors:

  • Work in partnership with students to help them develop educational plans that support meaningful academic and career goals.
  • Provide accurate and relevant information, while emphasizing student responsibility for learning and making informed decisions.
  • Engage students in an intentional teaching and learning process that values each student's experience and promotes inclusion, equity and critical thinking.

Academic advising provides a context in which students can discover what is important to know, do and value at each stage of their academic development.

Endorsed by Advising Council and IFO Faculty as of December 5, 2015

Undergraduate academic advising goals

1. Establish and maintain an academic advising strategic plan that is aligned with university goals and mission, and is incorporated into the university's strategic plan and budget.

2. Build an integrated and effective academic advising infrastructure with university administration's commitment and investment to secure necessary technologies, resources, assessments and training tools.

3. Improve student academic success and persistence through engagement in an effective academic advising process and academic advising curriculum.

4. Motivate, strengthen and expand student learning by challenging students to assess, reflect on and connect their educational experiences to their personal, life and career growth.

5. Raise student satisfaction with their educational and advising experiences through clear and accessible academic information, efficient systems and supportive academic advising relationships.