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Placement assessment

Minnesota State guidelines for course placement through June 30, 2023

The Metro State placement assessment office is enrolled in the Minnesota State Multiple Measures Course Placement Pilot Program through June 30th 2023.

The placement office continues to use students’ ACT, SAT, MCA (within 5 years), high school GPA (within 10 years), and Accuplacer scores (within 3 years), as well as prior completed coursework to place students into the appropriate level of courses at Metropolitan State University. An additional option is guided student self-placement, which requires consultation with an advisor prior to registration.

Contact with your name and tech ID if you have any questions. Your academic advisor is the best direct resource person for you. If you don’t have an assigned academic advisor yet, contact the Placement Office for directions.

Remote Accuplacer testing

BEFORE making your appointment for remote proctoring/testing:

  1. Download and install Zoom, free software to connect to the Zoom video conferencing service.
  2. Check that Zoom is working correctly. Use the option “join with video.”
  3. Check that your computer meets ACCUPLACER system requirements.

Taking your free remote Accuplacer test

  1. Verify technology and environment requirements for remote testing
    • A desktop or laptop computer. Note: Cell phones and tablets (such as Chromebooks, iPads and Surface) will not work for this test.
    • A stable internet connection
    • A webcam
    • A quiet environment where you will not be interrupted for one to four hours
  2. Request a test voucher from the Placement Assessment office. You will receive a voucher number (required to schedule your test).
  3. Schedule your test through RegisterBlast. You will receive an automatic confirmation message when your test is successfully scheduled. If you need further details, you can read more about test scheduling.
  4. Get the test details. One day before your test, you will receive an email with more detailed information about taking your test.

How are placement tests used?

Placement results provide important insights into students' skill levels in math, reading and writing. Students and their advisors use the information to select or recommend those courses most suited to students' academic needs.

Placement results are also used to meet the prerequisites for specific courses or the university's general education competency requirement. The assessment also helps ensure faculty provide high-quality teaching to all students.

Who takes assessments?

For students who are not placed automatically using prior coursework, high school GPA (within ten years), MCA, SAT, or SAT scores, a placement exam may be necessary.

Incoming students, including transfer and readmitted students, have potential transfer credits evaluated through the degree auditing process determines whether an exemption from placement assessments is granted. Your interactive degree audit/DARS will tell you if you need to take an assessment. If you see “Student Holds: 0006 — Assessment Test” on your DARS, you won't be able to register for any class until you take a placement assessment or speak to your advisor about guided self-placement.

Language proficiency testing

New students whose native language is not English and who is not fluent in English should take language proficiency tests. Students can take these tests at the Minnesota State institution of their choice. After testing, contact us for placement advice and to remove testing registration holds.

Appeals Process

For students who believe they should be placed in a course higher than indicated by the Placement & Testing Center and for a course higher than entry-level college math or writing/reading, please follow this process:

  1. Student downloads and completes the Placement Recommendation Appeals Form. This form requires the student to provide a written rationale for the appeal.
  2. Student submits the completed form to appeal form back to the Placement & Testing Center at
  3. Placement & Testing Center forwards appeals form AND student’s placement data to appropriate department chair (math or reading/writing).
  4. Department chair follows up with the student and makes a decision about whether to override recommended placement.


If you have any questions regarding course placement, please email or call 651-793-1537.