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Technical Communication and Interaction Design

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Technical communication and interaction design studies how to communicate science and technology to professionals and the public. We’d like to think of ourselves as weaving together the analytical left brain and the creative right brain. Our students learn to solve communication problems, to design communication crafts, and to facilitate change in a global and diverse world. And they do so with empathy, effectiveness, and playfulness. 

Our Curriculum

Our innovative curriculum draws from timeless knowledge of ancient rhetoric and immerses in the cutting-edge technology of the 21st century. We offer a bachelor’s program in Technical Communication and Professional Writing, a Master of Science in Technical Communication, and a number of certificates and minors. A complete list can be found on this page.


Graduates from our many programs enjoy ample opportunities as their skill sets are needed for some of the fast-growing fields. They become technical writers, content strategists, user experience designers, game content developers, and scientific communicators, to name a few. Their footprints cover high-tech, digital services, health and medicine, manufacturing, media and gaming, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and the government. 

Our People

We have an award-winning faculty who pride themselves with the highest quality of teaching and an impressive record of scholarship. They are deeply vested in mentoring students and experienced with students of color and other marginalized backgrounds. In addition, we have an Industry Advisory Board boasting leaders and alumni that represent many industries.

Technical Communication and Interaction Design Programs